The eighth festival of The New Scene in Espacio Tangente

14, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22
Espacio Tangente
Burgos 2013

During the second part of September, 2013, the Festival of the New Scene, Teatracciones will take place at Espacio Tangente.

An eclectic festival that, since 2006, – in each of its seven previous editions – has committed itself to bring to the city of Burgos, virtually without gatherings of this type, theatrical projects of a small and medium-sized format, where the process and scenic language is transformed into investigation.
A platform directed at theatrical troupes and artists continually absorbed, with a creative will. A venturous engagement towards new creators from within and beyond our frontiers, who have few possibilities to perform in our city.

The festival
Over seven festivals, we have presented 40 productions performed by artistic troupes, scenic artists, musicians etc. of local, state, and international scope and  in which approximately 3,500 people have participated in presentations conceived for limited numbers. Work of collective creation, new circus, documentary theater, object theater, contemporary dance, performance, work in progress, work in residence, Butoh dance, action…

We’ve definitively overstepped the local activity, as almost 50% of the projects performed in the seven previous editions were staged by companies and artists from the Regional Communities across Spain, beyond the borders of Castilla y León, and another 35% by international companies and artists; the remainder were produced by local troupes and artists.
Teatracciones has been the showcase for four productions of companies from Burgos plus one absolutely new premiere in this latest festival, demonstrating the support of this festival for local theatrical productions.


Saturday 14th September

21.00 h
9€ / 7 €

(The United States- Spain)
Contemporary dance- Audiovisual

Dust and water is a contemporary dance and audiovisual production choreographed / directed by Camille Hanson in collaboration with visual artist, Juan Carlos Arévalo, and performers Navidad Santiago and Oscar Lozano. The work explores the restless relationship we have with nature. The creator is deeply curious about elements of the earth, as well as elements of the body, as tools to create performance landscapes that stimulate social and ecological thinking in times of dramatic climate change.


Art direction and choreography:
Camille Hanson
Oscar Lozano, Navidad Santiago, Camille Hanson
Video creation y photography:
Juan Carlos Arévalo
Sound environment:
Juan Carlos Arévalo
Navidad Santiago
Cristina Libertad
Xavier Bayle, Billy Collins
55 minutos

Monday 16th September

De 19.00 a 21.00 h
Free admission


Coordinated by ISMENI ESPEJEL (Madrid)

During the Teatracciones festival, the Theatre Laboratory at Espacio Tangente will hold an open class for people who wish to try out and experience for themselves the direction that the classes will follow and their activities this year.
The sequences in the classes will consist of warming up in the first part, where we will practice awareness of body posture, the relation with space and your body listening to others. A second sequence of training in acting will follow, techniques, exercises and improvisations, with the aim of approaching the work of the actor: what is your expressive character, what are you talking about if you are saying something, what games can you play to get you closer to the things you want express? How to present a text without using the text? How to commit yourself to restore creativity and the storyline without fear intervening? What instruments do have? What is “living the action” of the character? What does it mean to be relaxed, open and spontaneous, to use what is happening at any one moment?
These are some of the themes with which we’ll experiment.

Thursday 19th September

21.00 h


Nwe circus / Work in progress

Photo: Lucie Zubková

Any woman, any woman in any occidental society, whom life has brought to the edge of despair, going crazy in her search for the perfect woman. It is so easy to collapse, while trying to make the effort to look like “something” that perhaps does not even exist.


Production: Marta Luna y Obra Social y Cultural Caja de Burgos
Creation: Marta Luna y Carola Martínez
Dramaturgy: María Velasco
Interpretation: Marta Luna
Staging assistant: Carola Martínez y María Velasco
Technical assistant in height: Jacinto Cienfuegos

Friday 20th September

21:00 h
9 € / 7€ socios y socias


I’m unaware of a lot of things and I know that. I accept it as yet another characteristic of my existence. But when I realize that my most profound ignorance is the one that relates to me I feel a sharp pain. Now I want to know who I am. And I surely should not have asked that question so as not to go through all this, so I wouldn’t realize that I am not the I expected to be or that, quite simply, I that I will not find an answer. Is it so important to transcend? Why do I want to leave a trace?

Sometimes I think that I would like to go through the things that would keep me from having the responsibility of making the decisions or that would simply prevent me. For example, sometimes when I am on the motorbike, I am thinking: if I had an accident now, I wouldn’t have to go to work tomorrow.
When I am positive, I think that I have to find something that will give meaning to my life; basically, it’s all the same, what I want is for something to happen that takes away the pressure of having to do something important.
So then, I let myself to be simply happy.


Original idea and creation: Colectivo Diosloscría
Direction: David Franch
Interpretation: : Lavinia Hervás, Olga Blanco
Visual concept: Colectivo Diosloscría y Ian Gehlhaar
Spectacle created in the residence in the Centre d’Arts Esceniques de Terrasa

Saturday 21st September

21.00 h
7€ / 5€ members


New circus

A man tries to tame his animal instinct to discover who he is. A story that shows the uncontrollable force within us and the acceptance of oneself. A spectacle that shows us the uncontrollable force that we all have within us.
Handstands, acrobatics with heels, spoon inside the nose, loud cockrel crowing, and ritual dances.
Welcome to the real world!

Sunday 22nd September

20:30 h
9 € / 7€ members

Theatre / audiovisual

Like some backroom carnival ride / lo-fi sci-fi pleasure machine, AMUSEMENTS is an intensely sensorial and breathlessly seductive one-woman headphone-theatre spectacular that asks what exactly we might want from our entertainment, and what it might want from us. With the audience plugged wirelessly into its beating heart the performance is both a hypnotic dance towards the limits of pleasure and an unsettlingly voyeuristic tribute to our private desires, an escapists wet dream which grapples sleepily along the way with the dizzying highs and terrifying boredoms of the early 21st century: the soporific hum of mass communication; the television’s warm embrace.
“You are an audience. You are a machine for watching. Remember everything…”


Creation: Sleepwalk Collective
Direcction: Sammy Metlcafe
Original music: Sleepwalk Collective
Visual concept: Ian Gehlhaar


During the festival will be show at the SALANEGRA (first floor) the video-dance project
work of Bárbara Bañuelos (Burgos)

From 18.30 to 20.30 h

The piece shows two opposite elements: an artificial space built with scrap iron fused together with fragments of the elements (flowing water integrated into inert scrap mountains, leafy trees reaching the top of the rusty giants …) this atmosphere helps us as a manner of backdrop curtain for a mythological staging through the dance, the faint lighting. The mythical approach turns to some kind of mystic rite that reveals its mystery to the initiated. Life mimics the metal imitates the machine faking an artificial mechanism in a loving game of mechanical movements. The machine is moved, softens tries to become flesh, imitating the animal, moving with an uncharacteristic gentleness just in order to seem to be sensitive. In the middle of a landscape painted with iron, earth, wood and water refer us to a Giorgione or a Postindustrial Bellini.

Director: Ignacio Martín
Production Co: User T38
Cast: Bárbara Bañuelos
Music: Ignacio Martín




I am an independent dancer specializing in improvisation and choreography, licensed with a B.A. in Modern Dance, from St. Olaf College, MN., U.S.A., and a 3 year M.F.A. study in Performance and Choreography at U.C.L.A., Los Angeles, California. I’ve lived, taught and performed in Spain since 2000, collaborating with diverse artists between Europe and North America: Elena Córdoba, Kristen Kusanovich and Paul Thomson, among others.
In 2003, I founded the dance project, Ladinamo, creating choreographic works in Spain for Territory Dance Festival, Theatre TEA of the Canary Islands, Alt. Vigo, Theater Pradillo, Theater Lagrada, The Night of Theater, and Festival Summer in La Villa.
At present, I am collaborating on a collective project NOMADANS that is looking for non-conventional spaces where it is possible to practice dance performances, photography and dance video in new forms of expressions. My last scenic project about contemporary dance and image, “Dust and Water”, is in the middle of the international tour.


I began my career as a classical dancer and then studied contemporary dance and theatre. As a performer, I’ve been working in different productions that use the language of dance, acting, cinema and performance.
Since 2006, I’ve taken part in performances produced at La Casa Encendida in Madrid, such as “Project” with Xavier Le Roy, and “Poder” with Los Torreznos. Moved by a search for my own working method, looking for a personal scenic language and willing to play with theatrical conventions, I’ve created my first solo “ID”, presented in 2010.
At the moment, I'm performing in "The rehearsal" and in "Crocodiles and Alligators", both directed by Cuqui Jerez.
At the same time, I work as a teacher in projects that use the body as a way of knowledge and social exchange. The last projects have been “Constructing and filming” with Miradas Nómadas in the streets of Madrid, and “Readings in darkness” with blind participants and produced by Hablar en Arte.


I work in corporal expression and through the medium of scenic communication specializing in circus acrobatics; bringing these techniques to the stage and adapting them to creation in different formats.  
Since 2007, I’ve worked with the company Tiritirantes (Burgos) together with Jacinto Alonso and Oscar Ortíz, with which she combines her own works such as Efímera (2004-2013), Conversaciones al Vuelo (2011-2013) and Manual del ideal de Mujer (Blanca) (2013).


Collective Diosloscría was founded at the end of 2010, the fruit of spontaneous collaboration between Olga Blanco and Lavinia Hervás, but it was not until the summer of 2011 that the Collective started to work on what would be its first performance.
One of the ideas that unites these two artists is to establish creative labs that begin with an idea, image or stimulus– and this is what they have done over the first months of their collaboration. In this way, their work doesn’t only consist of the creation of pieces; it is more about investigation and exploration of new scenic languages.
The intention of Lavinia and Olga is to risk, to search and to explore in a bid to rediscover the old concept of communion or catharsis that has survived in other artistic manifestations or community rituals. Why has the theatre lost that essence? Could it be because sometimes we wish to be too intellectual, modern, original… and all of that involves no more than the castration of risk, of the truth, the somersault entailed in creation.
The work of the lab opens the way to creation, searching for a language that flees from the conventionalisms and structures and classical interpretations.
Collective Diosloscría collaborates with David Franch (Colecvtivo 96º) and Ian Gehlhaar.


Animal Religion is the collaborative force of Niklas Blomberg, Quim Giron both graduates at the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. Their work can be defined as a fusion of contemporary circus, dance and music and we let the themes of gender and animal inspire us.
The audience studies the behavior of the artist, not unlike a visit to the zoo – a tidy context where something savage might be safely glimpsed.
Animal Religion want to encourage the wild and illogical within the audience, and try to throw light on some weird routines of modern life.

Niklas Blomberg (Finland)
l started to perform when l was seven. Since then l have performed with aerial rope, acrobatics, tap-dance, street dance, classical music, origami, juggling and magic. I am also a caffeine-alcohol-drug free modern world enthusiast and multi-instrumentalist playing and composing classical and electronic music with, for example, piano and electronic instruments. In 2009, l founded the tap dance-theater company "Ryhtivika". I studied circus in Koulutuskeskus Salpaus in Finland and DOCH (University of Circus and Dance in Sweden) with the discipline rope and I have studied classical piano, music theory and other subjects in the Music-institute of Kauniainen and the Conservatory of Lahti for over 15 years. People recognize me by my long legs behind my neck and fakir tricks like spoons in the nose. I get inspiration from animals, geometry, classical and electronic music and anything urban that is developed our of pure interest in the thing itself.

Quiim Girón (Spain)
I'm a searcher of balance, sound, percussion, clown, animal movement and mushrooms. After the studies in the circus school Rogelio Rivel in Barcelona where I specialized in handstands, I was a part of the show Rodó, 10th Circ d’Hivern, National Circus Prize Catalonia.
After that my travels took me north to France, where I did 1 year at LIDO (circus school, Toulouse, France) and I finished my studies at DOCH (University of Circus and Dance, Stockholm, Sweden), specializing in handstands and acro-dance. In 2012, I was granted a Sophie Hulten circus scholarship.


Sleepwalk Collective is an award-winning live-art and experimental theatre group creating intimate performance experiences between the UK and Spain. We make fragile, nocturnal works for theatres and other spaces, emerging from a fascination with pop culture junk, intoxication, and the mysteries and complexities of our relationships with each other.
Balancing delicately between joy and tragedy, our performances are playful and sensual, defined by a minimalist aesthetic and a seductive sense of danger.
Sleepwalk Collective is iara Solano and Sammy Metcalfe. We are currently based in Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Spanish Basque Country.



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Alejandro Blanco
Ester Acinas, Lola y Bimba

Lucie Zubková
Antony Price

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